Fitness CENTER: DON'T HURT YOURSELF! Everyone wants to be beautiful, youthful and fit. Unfortunately, for lazy people, this is quite easy to achieve. The problem is that many clubs don't have the equipment or space to host fitness classes. Fortunately, there are a few clubs that are quite near their residences. Here you can experience a new life for yourself. The club can be transformed into an additional activity space, and the existing areas can be used for a meeting place for parents, classes, or informal meetings. The club as an additional activity space can be rented out as a meeting place for parents, and it can be transformed into an additional area for the exchange of information on sports topics. The club can be a focal point for people-learning, making friends, or simply connecting with people. It can be a catalyst for creative thinking. It can be a place where people from all over the world come to exchange ideas and opinions. It can be a catalyst for people-learning, making friends, or simply connecting with people. It can also be a catalyst for people-teaching, especially if the aim is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It can be a place where people from all over the world want to come to deepen their understanding of the world and people. It can be a place of great responsibility and a desire to make a positive contribution to the development of mankind. All this can be realized only when the club is transformed from a storage place for old CDs and DVDs, into an additional activity space that is suitable for all parameters. The club itself can be a valuable source of useful knowledge and useful experience for all Club users. It is necessary to carefully understand and agree on the format and content of services offered during your stay at the club. What does the club provide and how does it work? The club provides a wide range of services, including: information on the availability of equipment for classes, contact details of instructors, group programs; Photoshop for Kids-DVD The club provides a wide range of services, including: interactive training sessions, personalized training sessions, group programs, homework help, and more. which you can start using right away. Just select a mode and click on the "Start" button. What are the advantages of using the simulator? 1. Users can study at the discretion of the instructor. The club ensures that all lessons are held simultaneously, without interruptions in the transmission of information. The simulator allows users to study at the speed of thought, and to stretch their attention in every direction. 2. Improving photographic capabilities. Thanks to the club's simulation, mistakes are less than with written tests, and the dynamics of movement and reaction are perfectly calculated. 3. A more comfortable mode of living. Realistic movement and feeling of weightlessness allow you to be more mobile and engage in various types of physical activity. Activities based on real movements and their intensity depend not only on the degree of physical fitness. The club simulates the process of changing rooms in the house, and allows you to gradually move out of the "dark" mode and into the light of day. 4. Increases the level of alertness. The simulator allows you to practice continuously, intensifying all its functions. 5. Improves patient care. When using the club, the level of attention of the doctor, based on previous experience, is indicated by an exclamation mark (*). In the simulator, the feeling of pressure and of imminent doom, which accompanied the exercise of the "dark" mode, is replaced by the pleasant sensation of ease and comfort. 6. A relaxation technique. Simulators allow you to practice relaxation techniques that are suitable for both physical and psychological situations. Individuals who are strongly motivated and have a warm attitude to life are encouraged to explore their own areas of interest and ability. They will be able to make new interesting experiences and find new friends. 7. Emotional support. The club simulates the feeling of loss and impairment. In stressful situations, users can manually enter the message and it will be processed automatically. In these situations, the club simulates the pain, suffering and uncertainty of her customers, based on realistic scenarios and personal information. 8. Improves the condition of the spine. Supports the proper movement of the spine allow you to safely perform certain exercises without the risk of injury to yourself or others.

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