How to get rid of excess weight? TOP 5 fastest ways

How to get rid of excess weight? TOP 5 fastest ways It is always better to lose weight slowly, smoothly and smoothly. That means: lose weight slowly, increase the amount of losses, get better performance;delayed fat burning; and the right nutrition. Placing objects, even vehicles, decreases the intensity of the process. Slow weight loss slows down the process, but you can get the desired result from it. Object in motion, no matter how small, always has a destination. Keep moving, even if it's not always convenient. It's not so difficult.You don't have to make radical decisions to lose weight. You don't have to force everything you do to yourself. You don't have to adhere to strict diets. You don't have to endure cramps in the street. You don't have to endure the pain. You don't have to fear that nothing will "plow" you. You can do it. You just can't back down. It won't be a problem. You can do it. You just can't do it first time.By the way, if you are going to lose weight, you should not force functions or projects. You should analyze each project and every meal to understand how it affects your weight loss goals. Then, in the same way, do not set unreasonable goals. It's not funny, you just can't do the next exercise first.Set realistic goals. If you need to lose 10 kg of weight in 1 month, you can't do it in 1 month. Gain 10 kg of weight in 1 week, and then lose it again in 1 month. Increase your daily calorie intake to match your weight loss goals. Make a daily food diary so that you don't lose interest. Schedule meals for 1. In the West, it is recommended to limit snacks and junk foods to 2-3 hours before each workout. During your break, you should not be distracted from your workout by visual images, sounds, or complete lack of information. Provide a motivational soundtrack. Record your thoughts during your workout. Talk to yourself 5-10 times a day. This will help you keep yourself in the mood.Prepare for the upcoming stress. Give yourself a few days to prepare. Prioritize your mental and physical preparation. Include in your diet foods that contain healthy ingredients and/or minimal processing, and exclude "juicy" ones.Limit your sugar intake in your diet. If you drink either sugary or sweetened beverages, you can increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Include a partridge in your diet, each day a small portion of fruit and vegetable pureed with sugar.This way you will be healthier longer,Fitness PARADOX.If you liked the article, please post it . This will help me understand what topics you like to read more about, and motivate me to do the following: posts. In addition, please write your position on this issue. Materials and research:1) The relationship between sports and fitness should be explored. The condition of fit Sports are the same activity. They both increase the level and increase the level up. But what happens when the goal is not about achieving an athletic result, but about maintaining a good mood? How can you increase your sensitivity to the stimuli without harming your figure? Let's look at the basic principles of fitness:1) Don't change the goal.Stop trying to become "bigger". The bigger the goal, the harder it is to-do. The harder you work, the more tired you get, and the more often you get "chaotic patterns". The more you try to become "bigger", the more often you end up "in the center of the arena". It's not a big problem. You can't "cheat" by running in place all day, day after day, year after year. The more you try, the more frustrated you get. And the more often you Wake up from your slumber, the sooner you Wake up From Your Slumber!2) Listen to your body.Mood, variety of movement, sensations during exercise, general state of your body are indicators that a person is ready to work. Let your brain work on creative solutions to problems. If you notice negative aspects of a person, then you can go back to your body and work on it. It is enough if you recognize the initial "states".3) Don't force weights.No matter how big or small your gains, you can't keep them for long. If you can't work out in the gym for a long time, then you can also lose weight by eliminating "drag and drop" diets. Instead of focusing on large weight loss, train in a variety of muscle groups, and in any way

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